passion and enthusiasm

we want you to win



We are fully committed to make an impact in the digital advertising space. We want technology to be the center of our progression, using it to solve marketing problems and improving our clients' outcomes. We will provide the market with easy solutions to complex tasks.



We believe in quality over quantity and we're fully committed to give our absolute best to our clients. We also believe in the power of positivity and enthusiasm empowering our lives every single day. We approach every day with the excitement in facing new challenges, growing up and getting better in every step of the way. We nurture individual growth into roles our team is passionate about, culminating in immense value.




Alfonso Lagrasta - Founder

Alfonso Lagrasta is a performance marketing and marketing strategy expert based in Milan, Italy. He has several years of experience both as a corporate professional and as a consultant.

He collaborates with some of the best companies in the worldwide performance marketing scenario.